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How A Single Mother With a 9th Grade
 Education Followed My Advice to Win
SSI Benefits for her 10 Year Old Daughter
And How You Can Get Your Hands
on this Insider Information

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   If you have ever tried to win SSI benefits for your child with disabilities, you know what a hassle you’re in for.  The average child SSI case takes close to 3 years start to finish. SSI demands that you fill out dozens of pages of confusing forms. Even worse, they send out page after page of complicated evaluation forms and questionnaire forms to your child’s friends, relatives and teachers.

What are SSI Claims Representatives Looking For?

None of these forms have any instructions about how to fill them out, and, until now, you would have no way to find out what SSI was really looking for.

  • SSI claims representitives are looking for “magic words” - information that will result in a favorable decision
  • Unless you are an SSI employee or other “insider,” you’ll never discover the secrets of winning your case
  • Your case will be denied automatically if your Child SSI claim form is filled out incorrectly
  • Every year, thousands of deserving child SSI claims are denied because there were mistakes with the claim paperwork
  • Most child SSI claims are denied two, three, four or more times before being approved

Secrets to SSI Success

Hello. My name is Jonathan Ginsberg and I am a lawyer who helps deserving children and adults recover SSI and Social Security disability benefits. I have prepared two special reports about winning child SSI disability benefits. Both of these reports are free of charge to you.

The first report is called “Seven Secrets to SSI Success.” It is a short report, but it contains powerful “big picture” information.  Violate any of these seven rules, and your child case will be disapproved. You’ll find this report a few paragraphs below on this website.

The second report (also available to you at no charge) is somewhat longer. It is entitled “Insider’s Report - How SSI Claims Adjustors Decide Child SSI disability cases.”  This report is essential reading for anyone who is trying to recover child SSI benefits. Because it is a fairly long report, this report is available to you by email. You can request this email report by going to the top of this web site and clicking on my picture.

I am also going to tell you about the third part of the puzzle - my new Child SSI Answer Guide. My Guide contains over 170 pages of sample forms, letters and other child SSI information. It is the same guidebook I use in my office to complete SSI forms and win Social Security cases for clients I represent. 

If you order my Guide, I’ll send it to you on an easily searchable CD (a hard copy is also available). The Child SSI Guide gives me a significant advantage when I represent children applying for SSI benefits, and if you want those same advantages, you can now have them. I’ll tell you more about my Guide in a minute.

Taken together, the “Seven Secrets” report, the “Insider’s Report” and the Child SSI Disability Answer Guide provide you with the tools and information you need to win your child’s SSI case and to win early.

Now, your “Seven Secrets” report...

The Seven Secrets Revealed

I now want to reveal to you seven secrets about how I win child SSI claims and how you can apply these secrets to your case.

Secret One - Medical Listings

Secret One - Find the right medical listing for your child’s case.

If you want to win your child SSI case, you need to speak SSI’s language. SSI has decided that your child’s disability must fall within one of their categories. For child listings, there are 14 categories:

  1. Growth impairment - covers children who don’t grow properly
  2. Musculoskeletal - covers back, joint and limb problems
  3. Special Senses and Speech - covers visual and hearing problems
  4. Respiratory System - covers breathing problems
  5. Cardiovascular system - covers heart problems and blood pressure problems
  6. Digestive system - covers problems digesting food, liver disease and bowel disease
  7. Genito-urinary system - covers kidney or liver disease
  8. Hemic & lympatic system - covers anemias (including sickle cell), blood clotting diseases and leukemia
  9. Endocrine system - includes thyroid, pituitary and other glandular diseases
  10. Multiple body systems - includes Down’s Syndrome and other genetic diseases, miscellaneous problems that cause problems functioning
  11. Neurological - includes epilepsy, cerebral palsy, brain tumors, seizure disorders, other neurological conditions
  12. Mental disorders - includes a range of mental health problems
  13. Neoplastic disorders - covers cancer and tumors
  14. Immune system disorders - covers lupus, HIV/AIDS, connective tissue disorders and other immune system problems

For each of these 14 body systems, SSI has decided what it takes to prove that your child is disabled. Usually, SSI requirements look to the results of medical tests. Sometimes, they look to activity limitations.

When you fill out SSI’s forms, you must know what you are trying to prove.

You can learn more about how to find the body system that applies in your child’s case, and how to use this information to win. If you haven’t already done so, get this information in my free email report - Insider’s Report - How SSI Claims Adjustors Decide Child SSI Cases. Go to the very top of this web site and click on my picture

Secret Two - Collecting Medical Information

Secret Two - SSI does not always do a very good job in collecting medical information. You have the right to request records from your child’s doctors and to submit these records to SSI.

It may come as a surprise to you that SSI has somewhat relaxed rules when it comes to collecting evidence. You can and should collect a comprehensive medical file and send copies of all medical records to SSI yourself.

My child SSI Disability Answer Guide contains copies of the letters you can use to request medical records from your child’s doctors, and it contains sample letters for you to submit these letters to the SSI claims representative so that all records become part of your child’s file.

Secret Three - Third Party Information

Secret Three - SSI requests information about your child from his teachers, babysitters and other adults who have interacted with your child.

Many of these people will not know what to do when they receive a five page questionnaire from SSI. You can help your child SSI case by helping these teachers, babysitters and friends know how to answer the forms correctly.

My child SSI Disability Answer Guide contains copies of all the third party questionnaires sent to teachers, babysitters and friends along with sample answers. With these sample forms, you can help these people give the answers that will help win your child’s case.

Secret Four - Severe & Significant Activity Problems

Secret Four - Your answers to the questions on the child SSI forms must describe severe and significant problems that your child has in getting through the day.

When you review the 14 body systems set out in the child SSI listings, you will see that most of the listings require proof that your child’s ability to get through the day has been severely limited. You have to prove that your child has activity limitations. If your answers to SSI’s questions on their application forms do not describe significant activity limitations, SSI will most likely deny your claim.

The “Insider’s Report” email will help you understand the various terms SSI uses in deciding cases. If you have not already requested this valuable free report, go to the top of this web page and click on my picture.

The Child SSI Disability Answer Guide contains sample answers for each and every child SSI form. You can use my sample answers as guidelines for answering your child’s forms, using language that clearly claims severe limitations. You will not have to guess what to say.

Secret Five - Medications

Secret Five - You must have an accurate and updated list of the medications that your child is now taking along with a list of previous medications.

SSI has a staff of medical doctors whose job it is to review all claims filed. SSI doctors pay a great deal of attention to the medications that your child is taking. Your application paperwork must contain information about medication side effects and about previous medications that did not work. Sometimes medication problems are enough to win a case.

My child SSI Guide explains exactly how to fill out SSI’s “current medications” form and how to explain about medication side effects.

Secret Six - Regular Medical Treatment

Secret Six - your child must see the doctor regularly.

SSI expects that your child is having regular visits with his doctor or therapist. In general, they believe that if your child is not going to the doctor, there is nothing wrong with him.

My child SSI Disability Answer Guide shows you how to fill out SSI’s “recent medical treatment” forms and how to explain to your doctor what he can do to help your case.

Secret Seven - Lawyer Problems

Secret Seven - Many Social Security lawyers will not take SSI cases because it is hard for them to earn a fee. You should be prepared to win your child’s SSI case on your own.

SSI has strict rules governing how lawyers can get paid in SSI cases. Many of these rules serve to discourage experienced lawyers from handling child SSI cases under a contingency (no fee unless you win) contract. In some cities, if you want a lawyer, you will need to pay $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 or more up front.

If you cannot find a lawyer to help you, you need to be prepared to fight for your child’s SSI benefits. If you do end up with a lawyer for, his job will be made easier if your application was filed correctly and the medical record is updated.

The “Insider’s Report” email explains the checklist that SSI claims adjustors use when deciding child cases. If you have not yet requested this report, you can get it by scrolling to the top of this web page and clicking on my picture.

If your child is truly disabled, my child SSI Disability Answer Guide will help you build a solid case, whether or not you use a lawyer and give you a real opportunity to win a favorable decision early. 

How My Child SSI Disability Answer Guide Will Help You Win Your Case

As you can probably tell, I believe that my two free reports along with my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide will give you the insider’s edge that you need to win your case. Here is a summary of what my Guide and reports will do for you:

  • Show you how to fill out any Social Security Disability Form in only 10 minutes.

    Give you dozens of sample forms so you see exactly how your form should look.
  • Tell you the “Magic Words” decision-makers look for so they will approve your claim with an eager, enthusiastic “YES!”
  • Greatly increase your chances for quickly winning your claim 
  • Save thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees 
  • Avoid long days of filling out, erasing, and rewriting your application forms, and 
  • Prevent months of waiting, worry, disappointment and aggravation.

Here is what my customers are saying about my Disability Answer Guide:


I am in Charlotte NC. I used your guide and followed it precisely. I had my doctor write a letter and I supplied all my medical files (111 pages) to Social Security. I turned in my file today and the intake counselor ask me is the first time you have applied ? I told him yes and replied my wife gave me a little help. He said well she did a good job and said the other S.S.counselors are going to love this.

He said this was the most complete file he had ever seen on the onset of applying. The other counselor took all the information and said she would send it in today to the medical review board and that I may have a answer quickly because the file was so complete.

I specifically followed your Guide to improving your chances early on in the process. I also downloaded the medical conditions and used your example of the broken leg example for my doctor to follow. I will let you know how things turn out.

Dan Waltman


 ORDER NOW You can order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide for only $39.95. Pay by credit card or PayPal. Click here to go the the secure order form.

Here’s How I Helped A Single Mom With an 9th Grade
Education and No Medical Training Win Her
Daughter’s SSI Case

(If SSI has already denied your child’s benefits, this story may be like your own.)

Tammy was born in 1990 and from the time she was a toddler, she was always full of energy. Tammy’s mother, “Susie,” is a single mom who left school in the 9th grade when she got pregnant. When I met her, she was working two jobs to make ends meet.

When Tammy was three years of age, the day care center where she stayed the day called Susie and asked that she find another place for Tammy as she was hitting and biting the other children. Over the next three years, Tammy was registered at, then kicked out of four other day care centers.

When Tammy turned six, her mother enrolled her at the local public school. Within just a few days, Tammy was in the principal’s office for disrupting the class and for hitting the teacher. The school guidance counselor recommended Tammy and her mother to a school psychologist who diagnosed Tammy with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Over the next three years, the psychiatrist at the local mental health center prescribed a number of different medications - some of which made Tammy sleep all the time, others had no effect and others seemed to make her condition worse. Finally, on the advice of Tammy’s homeroom teacher, Susie filed a claim for child SSI benefits in October, 1998. In November, Social Security sent Susie 16 pages of forms. They included Form SSA-3820 a 12-page document consisting of 10 sections and over 30 questions -- and Form SSA-3881 - an 8 page document containg 11 questions about Tammy’s medical history and treatment.

SSI also sent out Form SSA-5665 (teacher questionnaire) to Tammy’s current teachers and they sent the same forms to Tammy’s previous teachers. Susie know that the teachers had received forms from SSI because one of Tammy’s old teachers called to ask Susie how to fill out the form.

Susie was not at all sure what to do. As a result, Susie’s forms were a mess. The two biggest problems with her application were a failure to completely describe Tammy’s activity limitations and a failure to list all of Tammy’s medicines.

Susie also did not know how to help Tammy’s teachers fill out their forms.

Three months after mailing in Tammy’s applications, Susie received a form notice - “Claim Denied.”

A sad situation for Susie, and especially for Tammy.

Here’s something equally as sad: The problems Susie faced collecting information and filling out the forms are common. Susie’s case is the rule, not the exception.

Susie came to see me in my office six months after receiving Tammy’s denial notice. I told her that she needed to file another claim and I gave her a copy of my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide, and told her to let me know what happened.

Susie used the sample forms in my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide to re-apply for Tammy. This time, Susie knew that SSI was looking for evidence of Tammy’s limitations in two of the six “areas of functioning.” Susie asked Tammy’s doctor to write a letter explaining how Tammy’s medications had not controlled her condition and that caused signficant side effects. Susie also printed out the “functional limitation” chart I had given her (that you will find in the “Insider’s Guide” email report) and asked Tammy’s homeroom teacher to write a letter describing Tammy’s behavior problems using the terms and phrases from the chart.

Susie also showed Tammy’s teacher the sample SSA-5665 Teacher Questionnaire from her Guide along with my suggestions about how to complete this form.

Susie also learned from my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide that she could not assume that SSI would find all of Tammy’s doctors.  She discovered that two of the psychologists who had evaluated Tammy had moved office locations and that SSI’s had never received any information from them. Susie updated the addresses and mailed copies of these missing medical records herself.

Susie used the sample forms in her Child SSI Disability Answer Guide to fill out the 12 page Form SSA-3820 - Disability Report Child and the 8 page Form SSA-3881 - Questionnaire for Child Claiming SSI Benefits. She also used the sample Form HA-4632 to list Tammy’s medications, including the side effects.

Susie mailed these documents to the SSI claims adjustor and waited for a response.

Two months passed before Susie got her answer. This time, I am pleased to report, Susie and Tammy got much better news in the mail - an approval. Susie now receives a monthly check from SSI and Medicaid eligibility for Tammy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for months and months like Susie and Tammy. Instead, you can follow the sample forms in my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to order), where I give you the answers SSI looks for -- and the “magic words” that will get your claim approved.


“I had no idea which way to go with my problem. Jonathan helped me immensely. He started pulling things out of the file that I had never noticed. He knew his business and knew exactly what to do. I won my case.

Lowell Campbell
Sugar Hill, Georgia

“Jonathan did a great job. This is the third time I had tried to get benefits, and this time I won.”

Bernadine Eatmon
Lithonia, Georgia

“I got myself all down and out and couldn’t do much of anything. With Jonathan’s help, I was ready for my hearing. I went in and then came right back out -- and I was approved.”

Michael Ariel
Dallas, Georgia

You can read more comments from Jonathan’s past and present clients by clicking here.














Buy the Child SSI DIsability Answer Guide and
You’ll Know How to Answer Every Form

With the help of my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order), you can have my proven sample answers in front of you as you fill out your application questions. Change the facts to match your case, but otherwise use my sentences word for word.

Improve your chances for an early favorable decision by the SSI claim’s adjustor - avoid waiting a year to 18 months to get before a Judge.

You’ll get child SSI disability forms already filled in with sample answers to each question. This allows you to complete any child SSI form in no more than 10 minutes. For many of the forms, I will show you two or three sample answers based on the type of impairment your child suffers.

Insider Terms and phrases that SSI decision-makers look for (and need!) to make a quick, fair decision in your favor. (If you don’t include these words, you have almost no chance of winning.)

 ORDER NOW You can order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide for only $39.95. Pay by credit card or PayPal. Click here to go the the secure order form.

Use My New Child SSI Disability Answer Guide.
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When your Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order) arrives at your door, you’ll receive…

 All the SSI forms you need to process your disability application. They include your 

  • Child Disability Report - including sample forms for ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Asthma/cardiac
  • Questionnaire for Child Claiming Disability Benefits - including sample forms for ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Asthma/cardiac
  • Teacher Questionnaire 
  • Request for Administrative Information
  • Request for Reconsideration 
  • Reconsideration Disability Report 
  • Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge 
  • Claimant’s Statement When Request for Hearing is Filed and the Issue is Disability 
  • Claimant’s Recent Medical Treatment
  • Medications List 
  • Authorization for Release of information to Social Security Administration 
  • Dozens of filled-in sample documents so you see exactly how your forms should look, complete with “magic words” and phrases Social Security decision-makers look for when determining whether to approve your benefits.
  • Real-life examples of claims my clients won! I have searched my files and found three excellent examples of favorable decisions. These will help you see how Social Security judges think and how they analyze evidence. I had “marked up” these decisions with my own notes so you can follow the judge’s analysis -- so you see exactly what the judge found convincing. Since you, too, are looking to win your claim, you’ll find these decisions invaluable. What’s more, since Social Security decisions are not public documents, I can release these documents to you only because my clients have given me their written permission.

When you follow the step-by-step recommendations in my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide you’ll know how to…

  • Fill out forms in minutes, not days. Susie could have filled out all the forms in about an hour, rather than needing four long weeks.
  • Provide necessary facts, even when you don’t have enough space. Susie would have known that they could attach an extra page listing the names and addresses of Tammy’s doctors, rather than making yet another serious mistake on the application form.
  • Find and list Social Security’s accepted symptoms. Susie could have described Tammy’s symptoms in terms of activity limitations like the examples included in the Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order) to speak Social Security’s language.
  • Describe SSI’s accepted activity limitations. Susie would have known how to describe common activity limitations associated with Tammy’s hyperactivity. Plus, she would have known exactly where to list them on the forms and which limitations are the most important. 
  • Receive free medical evaluations. Susie would have realized that Tammy’s poor concentration and fighting in school were relevant “disabling” conditions. Plus, they could have used my recommended language to trigger Social Security to schedule a free psychological evaluation.
  • Handle new information. Susie would have known how to add facts to Tammy’s application if new information came to mind after they mailed their form.
  • Identify your “primary treating physician”. Susie would have known how to add information to Tammy’s application so she could identify her main doctor as the “primary treating physician”.
  • Enlist your doctor’s cooperation. Susie would have been able to contact Tammy’s main doctor to alert him that SSI would be contacting the doctor so there would be no surprise.


     ORDER NOW You can order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide for only $39.95. Pay by credit card or PayPal. Click here to go the the secure order form.

Now, No Matter Which Disability Form Social Security Requires, You’ll Have At Your Fingertips The Completed Form With Time-Proven Answers To Help You Win Your Claim

Here is a fraction of what you’ll discover inside this unique reference guide:

  • What To Do If You Miss A Deadline. If you miss a deadline, don’t start over. Just use this supplemental form NOT published by Social Security, but used regularly by experienced trial lawyers. (See the updated form on my “customer’s only” web page available only to owners of my Disability Answer Guide.)
  • How To Describe School Discipline Problems. You’ll know the right and wrong ways of answering crucial questions about your child’s past behaviorial problems.
  • Which Five “Magic” Words Win Appeals. If you overlook these five important words, you could lose your case. These words are critical to your claim. 

If Social Security Denies Your Claim -- and You Request a Hearing, Your Disability Answer Guide Will Be Worth Its Weight in Gold

No matter what you do, the SSI claims adjustor will deny your child’s case. Your case may end up in a hearing before a Judge. They may be unusually complicated, you may have one or more prior applications that have been denied, or there could be a problem within the medical record. .

This raises the question: If your case goes to a hearing, does it really matter what you say in the SSI forms? 

Absolutely! How your case enters the system -- and how SSI processes your claim -- is determined by how you answer your disability application forms. Using the Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order), you will know exactly what to say and how to say it. When you use this guide, you

  • Help ensure your success. If your case goes to a hearing, your lawyer will thank you because your case file will be complete and accurate.
  • Avoid costly mistakes. Since most claimants do not hire a lawyer until it is time to request a hearing, your lawyer will not have to “undo” any mistakes or errors you have made.
  • Create stronger evidence. All the disability forms you complete for Social Security are part of your case file and are considered evidence at your hearing.
  • Provide consistent answers. If your answers at the hearing are different from your answers on your disability forms, the Judge will ask you to explain why. When you use this Child SSI Disability Answer Guide, you avoid embarrassment by making sure your answers are consistent.

 ORDER NOW You can order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide for only $39.95. Pay by credit card or PayPal. Click here to go the the secure order form.

When You Use My Unique Child SSI Disability Answer Guide,
You Save Weeks Filling Out Forms --
You Save Months Waiting For A Decision!

Over the past 21 years, I’ve represented hundreds of disability clients who applied for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. I’ve invested thousands of hours representing disability clients before Social Security Judges, many of whom today are my friends.

Because I an am experienced lawyer and I have had the good fortune to win most of my cases, I have a very busy law practice. My clients hire me at the rate of $250 per hour and they may pay me $2,000 to $5,000 to represent their disabled children if I accept their case under a contingency contract whereby I am paid 25% of their child’s past due benefits.

Some cases do require a lawyer like me because they are complicated or because there are problems with the medical record. Most cases, however, are just not that complicated. My feeling is that most child SSI cases could be granted by the SSI claims adjustor within a few months, instead of going to a hearing and taking two or more years.

The two free reports I have given you explain what SSI is looking for. My $39.95 CD Guide shows you word for word what to say.

I have assembled all the Social Security forms -- complete with time-proven answers -- plus detailed instructions and explanations -- into my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order). With your permission, I’d like to share this unique guide with you, so you can win your child’s SSI disability claim.

When you receive this Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order), you’ll hold in your hands thousands of dollars worth of completed forms and compelling statements written specifically to convince Social Security to approve your claim.

Over the years, I’ve seen many deserving people get turned down for disability benefits. As a result, I’ve decided to offer this 170 page guide on CD readable on any computer for the very reasonable price of $39.95. A hard copy, printed version is also available at a higher price - email me if you want the hard copy

 ORDER NOW You can order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide for only $39.95. Pay by credit card or PayPal. Click here to go the the secure order form.

100% No-Risk Guarantee

I Guarantee You’ll Be Pleased With This Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order). If you aren’t pleased for any reason and you return the Guide to me within three months of purchase, I will refund every penny you paid, no questions asked. 

And while I can’t promise your Child SSI Disability claim will be granted (because no one can guarantee what the government will do!), I can guarantee that you will save many hours of time and dramatically reduce your stress if you follow the simple instructions in this program.

Please Understand: The lawyer’s rules of ethics require that I tell you that no “how to” guide -- like the Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order)-- will serve as a substitute for personal legal advice from an experienced lawyer. Further, your purchase of my Guide does not create an attorney-client relationship (see the Disclaimer section of this web site for more detail). However, if you put forth a reasonable effort towards your own disability case, the Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order) will save you a great deal of time, stress and heartache.

  • Reduce your stress, hassle and worry.  $39.95 is a small price compared with the thousands of dollars of SSI disability benefits that could come your way in future years. And while these benefits will not solve all of life’s problems, your child’s SSI disability award will help you and your family to live independently and with dignity, without becoming a burden on anyone. Don’t risk saying the wrong thing that causes SSI to deny your claim. Don’t risk putting harmful or incorrect information into your permanent record. In my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide, you learn exactly what to do -- and how to do it
  • Start Now. Please don’t delay. The SSI office has money waiting for you. The problem is: it’s in their bank account, not yours. Order your Child SSI Disability Answer Guide today. I promise I’ll help you get the benefits that are rightfully yours, as soon as possible. We can start right now.
  • To Order: Click Here, fill in the blanks, and give me your credit card number. Or you can pay with PayPal. I will immediately mail to you the Child SSI Disability Answer Guide CD and the access information for the customer’s only web site.

PLUS -- You’re fully protected with my 90 day 100% money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please don’t wait a moment longer. You owe it to yourself and your family. Order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide today! (Click here to Order)



Jonathan Ginsberg

Jonathan Ginsberg


P.S. Click here if you’ve decided not to order.


P.P.S. Just think!  You’ll never suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to complete a long, confusing child SSI disability form.  You’ll never pay a fortune to hire a lawyer before you really need one.  And even if you do ask a lawyer to represent you at a hearing, you can be sure that you laid a solid foundation with accurate, complete, credible responses. My Child SSI Disability Answer Guide puts your disability benefits within reach. The opportunity is yours. Don’t hate yourself for missing out. Click here to Order this helpful guide today.

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