If You Have Decided Not to Order…

If you have read this far, I know you have a sincere interest in building a disability claim file that will convince the SSA decision maker to approve your child’s case.

I hope you have read the “7 Secrets” report on the Main Page of this web site and I hope you have taken advantage of my offer to email you free of charge the “Insider Secrets” report (click here if you have not yet requested this free report).

Notice that I said “building a disability claim file.” I use these words because creating a successful SSI claim is like building a house.

The right wording on any one form or medical record can put you into the “approved” category.

In my law practice, every person I represent at a hearing has been turned down at the initial application stage and again at reconsideration. Sometimes, this denial process goes on for years with many applications.

Even so, I end up winning most of my cases at the hearing. Why? Because I know what SSA needs to win a claim. And now I’d like to share those insider secrets with you.

My Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (Click here to Order) will help you understand how to speak Social Security’s language. And I won’t just tell you about it. I’ll show you actual samples of claim forms that I have already filled out. I am literally opening my personal files to you.

WARNING: Don’t let your time run out. You can only recover benefits beginning on the day you applied. If you lose you must start over.

Please don’t let this happen to you. Right now, while you can still get benefits, please fill order my Child SSI Disability Answer Guide (click here to Order). Then fill out the forms and submit them without delay. Otherwise, you could lose your right to benefits. And if that happens, no one wins.

Imagine the day you find your first SSI check in your mailbox. That’s the day you’ll celebrate!

And don’t worry. My Child SSI Disability Answer Guide comes to you with my three month 100% money-back promise. So you risk nothing.

Please — for your own good and peace of mind — order this guide today (click here). You can pay with credit card or PayPal. Then, when you win your claim, send me an e-mail and tell me the day you are holding your “I-Won-My-SSI Disability-Claim” Party. I want to offer you my congratulations!